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Parent Partnerships

2 Hours in Family Systems

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This training addresses the rights of children and their families, the importance of respect for all families and how families’ concerns and issues affect your child care center.

Activities are based on information on pages 1-27 and 89-107 in the Child Care Center Licensing Guidebook, 2nd ed. (2006) DEL-LC 2001 (x 10/06.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Describe at least three ways of communicating with parents

  • List two ways to involve parents in an early childhood program

  • List three things that parents want from you as a child care professional

  • Identify ways to get to know families

  • Know the importance of confidentiality

The primary reference for all of our trainings is the Child Care Licensing Guidebook. Click on the following link to view the Child Care Licensing Guidebook:

Child Care Licensing Guidebook


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