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Parent Partnerships

Parent Communication

Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher. They are the most critical factor in their child’s emotional, social, cognitive, and language development.

Child care providers should use every opportunity to partner with parents to support the child’s optimal developmental growth.

Family-centered child care is based on an equal partnership between parents and child care providers. Providers offer their understanding of child development and their experiences with children. Parents are experts on their child. Creating an equal partnership with parents means respecting yourself, your work, and respecting them.


Opportunities to Communicate


Because child care providers are important people in a child's life, they also are very important people in parents' lives. Parents want to know a provider's observations, knowledge, and understanding of their child. It's important to be available to parents when they're at school.

Informal chats during drop-off and pick-up times can do much to build relationships of trust. Verbal or written messages about things that have happened at school mean a lot to parents and let them know that we really care.

Don't forget to keep family members updated on the good news as well as any problems you may want to discuss. Group parent meetings and social events are also very helpful in creating a climate of families and teachers working together. Regularly scheduled parent conferences are a good time to listen to what's going on at home.


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