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Lesson Plan Ideas: Apples, Teddy Bear Day, Grandparents Day

….All About September

2 Hours in Curriculum Development

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A good early childhood curriculum is based on how children develop and learn. It consists of a wide range of concepts, experiences, and materials designed to meet the developmental needs of a group of children. This training will review the importance of curriculum development and offer tons of activity suggestions to incorporate into your September lesson planning.

Attention: This training has the same content as the course "Lesson Plan Ideas: Pumpkins, Owls, Harvest...All About Autumn". The only difference in the two courses is the curriculum resource ideas provided.  If you have registered for both of these courses, you may wish to request to have one switched.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify how long licensing requires lesson plan records to be kept on-site and available for inspection
  • Identify factors that assure a successful class field trip
  • Identify three things that you should consider when planning activities for your classroom
  • Identify why active and quiet learning activities should be balanced
  • Identify how direct and indirect learning experiences differ
  • Learn new ideas for developing a lesson plan for September


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