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Planning Activities for School-Age Care

2.5 Hours in Curriculum Development

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Every child is a unique person, with an individual pattern of timing and growth. Children have unique personalities, temperaments, learning styles, experiences, and family backgrounds. 

Caregivers need to keep individual differences in mind when planning activities for children.

Learning Outcomes:

This training is designed to teach participants how to plan activities for a group of children based on their ages and individual needs. It introduces the role caregivers have in guiding and directing the child’s learning process. 


  • Planning Activities

  • The School-Age Classroom

  • Environment

  • Schedules

  • Incorporating Culture in the Interest Areas

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify from a scenario at least things in a child care environment that can help or hurt a child engaged in play and learning activities

  2. Identify the areas of classroom arrangement

  3. Know what a child centered environment consists of

  4. Learn the differences between the daily schedule for an infant and for a preschooler

  5. Become aware of the three sources of ideas for activity planning

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