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Guiding Art Activities: Painting

2 Hours in Curriculum Development

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As a caregiver, you must be creative in your approach to art. You must observe in order to find new ways to expand children’s learning experiences. Creative growth is promoted through careful choice of various art materials and opportunities to create.

A good art program allows children to express their ideas. Painting, like drawing, is so fundamental to art that it is hard to conceive of an art education program as complete that doesn't provide children with frequent opportunities to work with paint. To learn what painting means to young children, listen and watch. You will note that most children find their work pleasing.

The artwork of a two-year-old is different than that of a four-year-old. Children’s paintings change from simple dots and strokes to crude figures as they move through art development. Some children enjoy moving the tools. Other children enjoy the feelings and visual aspects.

 Learning Outcomes:

  •  Learn how art experiences promote physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth
  • Describe techniques for guiding art experiences
  • Identify things to avoid when commenting on children's art
  • List three qualities of a good art program


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