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The Empowerment of Play for the School-Age Child

3 Hours in Curriculum Development

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Children Learn Through Their Senses

Children learn through their five senses. They learn through sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste. To support their learning, caregivers should provide a safe environment and supervised freedom to move and explore. Play is a child’s important work. They need lots of hands-on experiences with interesting things to look at, touch, and manipulate. They also need opportunities throughout the day to move and climb.

Learning Outcomes:

This training is designed to teach participants how children learn through play and active involvement with their environment.

  • List ways to incorporate the cultures of the children into the curriculum

  • Identify ways to honor diversity

  • Know what toys and materials help children learn through play

  • Understand what children learn in different play areas of the classroom

  • Understand the ways in which play is children’s work

  • Know the stages of play as children grow older


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