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Understanding Misbehavior

2 Hours in Child Guidance

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This training is designed to help participants identify a variety of factors which may influence a child’s behavior and develop strategies to work with children who exhibit challenging behaviors.

This training is based on information on pages 71-83 in the Child Care Licensing Guidebook.

Attention: This course is very similar to the training Understanding Behavior in School-Age Children.  If you have registered for both courses, you may wish to request that one be switched to an alternate course.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the relationship between basic needs and behavior.
  • Identify causes of misbehavior.
  • Learn indirect and direct guidance techniques.
  • Identify caregiver techniques for making mistaken behavior a teachable moment.
  • Identify ways to teach children responsibility.
  • Identify why transitions are hard for children.
  • Learning basic techniques for smooth transitions.

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