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Understanding and Coping with Behavioral Problems

3 Hours in Child Guidance

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As a teacher of young children, at times you will experience problems guiding the children in your care. Common causes of guidance problems include overstimulation, changes in routine, and loud noise. Frustration and physical problems can also cause guidance problems.

Knowing how stress affects young children is also important. Stress can have many causes. Changes or problems within the family can cause stress among children and families. Young children do not know how to handle this stress very well.

In addition, you may face other problem behaviors in the classroom. These include negativism, stealing, anger, biting, exploring the body, tattling, thumb sucking, and fear. Handling each of these problem behaviors takes guidance skills and techniques that are unique to the situation.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify situations and feelings that cause tension in children.

  • Describe behavior problems that result from tension.

  • Guide children as they learn appropriate behavior.

  • Describe the effect of family stressors on children and families.



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