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Understanding Behavior in School-Age Children

3 Hours in Child Guidance

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Anything a child does is behavior and all behaviors are purposeful and happen for a reason. However, children are learning social skills and sometimes have misbehavior that may be destructive, inappropriate, or otherwise unacceptable. Caregivers should respond to these behaviors positively and respectfully. This training will discuss a variety of factors which may influence a child’s behavior and provide examples of appropriate ways that adults can respond to misbehavior.

Attention: This course is very similar to the training Understanding Misbehavior.  If you have registered for both courses, you may wish to request that one be switched to an alternate course.

This training is designed to help participants identify a variety of factors which may influence a child’s behavior and develop strategies to work with children who exhibit challenging behaviors.

 Learning Outcomes:

  • List the ways that any of the following may influence a child’s behavior: developmental needs, caregiver behaviors, physical health, individual family practices/culture, inappropriate adult expectations, and environment.
  • Recognize goals of mistaken behavior, and identify positive strategies to respond to a child’s mistaken behavior.
  • Know your child care programs behavior policy.
  • Identify transitions throughout the day.
  • Become aware of difficult transition times for children.
  • Learn how to help children through transitions.

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