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A Simple Approach to Knowing the WAC’s:  Health Policies and Procedures

2 Hours in Administration

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The Simple Approach to Knowing the WAC’s training series is designed to:

  • Introduce the new Center Director or lead staff person to Child Care Center Licensing Regulations
  • Refresh and reinforce Child Care Licensing Regulation knowledge for the experienced Center Director or lead staff person

We recommend that you have access and reference the Child Care Licensing Guidebook either online or printed.  However, all of the reading from the Child Care Licensing Guidebook is now incorporated directly in the training website. Downloading the Child Care Licensing Guidebook is optional.

Learning Outcomes

Attention: This training has similar content to the courses "Health and Safety in Child Care" and "Rules to Create a Safe Space".  If you have registered for these courses in addition, you may wish to request to have one switched.

This training a brief review of the core elements of health policies and procedures.

  • Identify 9 things that must be included on the  parents written consent for medication
  • Identify 10 things that you must cover in you health policies and procedures

  • Identify when children and staff  should be  excluded from the child care

  • Identify procedures for when a child  becomes ill at the center

  • Identify when you are required to give  medications to the children in care

Click on the following link to view the Child Care Licensing Guidebook.