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A Simple Approach to Knowing the WAC’s:  Behavior Management Policies

DEL Child Care Licensing Rules

During the first few years of life, children are forming brain connections that determine a lifetime of skills and potential. Caregivers help to build the foundation and future of each child they touch. Your interactions will have a long-lasting impact on the children in your care. Shaping the future of a child is a tremendous responsibility and wonderful opportunity.

The Department of Early Learning (DEL) oversees child care licensing and supports other early learning programs using both state and federal laws, as well as DEL rules that are created in partnership with parents, child care providers, and others.

The Department of Early Learning's regulations (also known as rules, Washington Administrative Code, or WAC) set the standards for child care that is licensed or certified by DEL. DEL adopts rules (WAC’s) to set licensing requirements when directed by state law to set specific requirements to help clarify more general laws, or help organize requirements that may be set by both state and federal laws.

The Department of Early Learning (DEL) uses regulations to oversee:
  • Child care licensing

  • Performance standards for the Early Childhood Education and Assistance Program (ECEAP)

  • Subsidy programs that help parents pay for child care

Pages from the Child Care Licensing Guidebook have been adapted and incorporated into this training.

The Child Care Licensing Guidebook represents years of work by child care center providers, licensors, health and safety professionals and child development specialists. It is an interpretation of current rules presented with best practices and examples to guide you as you operate the child care center.  

The implementation strategies for the minimum licensing requirements and best practices suggested throughout the Child Care Licensing Guidebook come from a variety of research based resources. A complete list of resources can be found in the Resource section at the end of the book. Use the guidebook in implementing the requirements of licensing. It is filled with useful information for improving the care of children in child care programs in Washington State.

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