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Research has demonstrated that strong positive relationships between children and caregivers are linked to positive outcomes for children. Staff-child interactions are at the heart of child care programs.


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Enroll in STARS TrainingAbout the Trainer


Claudette Lindquist  


Approved for September 2012 DEL MERIT!!


Claudette is an advanced level STARS trainer through Washington Dept. of Early Learning MERIT.

She has over 25 years experience in early childhood education both as a teacher and as an administrator. Her education includes a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Her extensive professional career has included previously being a child care licensor in King County, a college ECE instructor at Pacific Oaks College, and a grant coordinator.

Successful Solutions is very pleased to have Claudette as part of our team! 



Claudette's Training Philosophy


As a STARS trainer representing Successful Solutions Training in Child Development, my goal is to work collaboratively with the team at Successful Solutions to design and conduct training programs which will enable the participants to improve their professional skills as child care providers.

It is our philosophy that effective training must be relevant to the needs and experience of the participants. We believe that good training must be interesting, enjoyable, challenging, and practical. Our goal with each program is to facilitate the learning of the participants by using skillful training methods; well-designed materials; consistent behavior modeling; coaching and reinforcement skills and techniques; and genuine enthusiasm. Adults learn best when they are involved in the teaching process; when they have a sense of control; when they take responsibility for their own learning, and contribute to achieving it.

As research has demonstrated, people not only learn more, but also remember and implement more of what they learn when they have ongoing support available. We strongly encourage our students to contact us via email, live chat, or phone, beyond the time frame of the training service for mentoring and resources.

We are committed to helping child care professionals identify changes that they can make to better accomplish their goals, learn and develop new skills, improve their professionalism, and take charge of their careers. 



Trainer Accountability


Washington State Dept. of Early Learning has new requirements for STARS training, as well as new regulations for trainers and training accountability.  Claudette will be helping us meet new state standards for STARS training, and enforcing that students are obtaining adequate levels of assessment on their training.




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