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Research has demonstrated that strong positive relationships between children and caregivers are linked to positive outcomes for children. Staff-child interactions are at the heart of child care programs.


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Tips and Ideas

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How does your child care program handle allergies?

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Food Safety Scenario

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Family Style Dining

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Enroll in STARS TrainingSTARS Scholarship Reimbursement Program


What do I need to be reimbursed for training?


  1. A scholarship application  
  2. A copy of your certificate (from a STARS approved source)
  3. Receipt for payment. Save the automated payment receipt that you receive via email right after registration. If you lose that email, or if you have registered with the multiple participant discount, Click here Request a Receipt.
  4.  Mail the above documents to the following address:
    • WAEYC
    • 841 N Central Ave #206
    • Kent, WA 98032


For questions about the STARS Scholarship Program or the status of your reimbursement, contact WAEYC at (800) 727-3107 x16.


Successful Solutions is unable to assist you with anything pertaining to the scholarship program.

Successful Solutions Training in Child Development is a STARS approved training organization. Our 20 Hour Basic training online is provided in partnership with Claudette Lindquist, Advanced STARS Educator. All of our STARS trainings are eligible for the STARS Scholarship program.


How long do I have to apply for reimbursement?


You must apply for reimbursement within 90 days of completing your training. This is the scholarship application deadline for all STARS approved trainings, including In-Service STARS, STARS Continuing Education, and the 20 Hour Basic.

You may notice that when you register for training, that there will be a Terms of Use Policy which states that you can only cancel registration within 3 days. This is not the same thing as the STARS Scholarship Program. You have 90 days to apply for reimbursement through the STARS Scholarship Program.



Who can be reimbursed?


Anyone working in a licensed child care facility who is required by rule to complete STARS training. (See the scholarship application for job titles).



How much can I be reimbursed?


Participants may receive a one-time award of up to $150 toward STARS 20-Hour Basic training and up $100 each calendar year toward continuing education (annual requirement of 10 hours). Scholarships are awarded to eligible applicants on a first-come, first-served basis as long as funding is available.



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