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Research has demonstrated that strong positive relationships between children and caregivers are linked to positive outcomes for children. Staff-child interactions are at the heart of child care programs.


Assignment A

Tips and Ideas

Forum: Let's Share

How does your child care program handle allergies?

Assignment B

Food Safety Scenario

Participate in the discussion board.


Assignment C

Family Style Dining

Participate in the discussion board.



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Live Chat

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Why is Live Chat the best way to get help?


There are several reasons why chat is the most effective way to get help.

  • Student support staff are able to assist several students at one time. Which means that you can get the fastest support.

  • When you type in your name and email address it allows us to quickly view your student records.

  • The chat transcript is recorded in your student records so that in the future we can easily see the record of support.

  • When you are on chat, we can see the exact page that you are on in the training. This allows us to easily identify where you are in the course, and direct you to solutions.

  • If we are away from the computer or offline and you leave a message, the person on-call for student support receives an email notification on their cell phone and will reply as quickly as possible.


Live Student Support hours are 8 am until 9 pm, 7 days a week.
Keep in mind that if we are on the phone or step away for a break that we may appear offline.
Type your message anyway, we will send you an email reply as soon as possible.



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