Traditional Washington STARS Online

Research has demonstrated that strong positive relationships between children and caregivers are linked to positive outcomes for children. Staff-child interactions are at the heart of child care programs.


Assignment A

Tips and Ideas

Forum: Let's Share

How does your child care program handle allergies?

Assignment B

Food Safety Scenario

Participate in the discussion board.


Assignment C

Family Style Dining

Participate in the discussion board.



Enroll in STARS TrainingGrading System


 Traditional Washington STARS training are pass/fail courses.

In order to pass the courses, this is what you must do:

  • Read course materials provided in the videos or on one of the alternate options
  • Sufficiently complete all chapter assignments
  • Participate in the assigned Student Forum Discussion Board Assignments
  • Submit an evaluation form with a valid STARS ID number

The intentions of this training are to provide the student with an introduction to child care in Washington State. The expectation is that the student will demonstrate a progression of competence throughout the training and through subsequent continuing education training.



STARS Training Assessment Standards


Washington State Dept. of Early Learning has new requirements for STARS training, as well as new regulations for trainers and training accountability. Our trainer, Claudette Lindquist has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and was previously a child care licensor in King County. Claudette will be helping us meet new state standards for STARS training, and enforcing that students are obtaining adequate levels of assessment on their training.

If you have a unique circumstance, such as a language barrier or special needs, we will require that your director send us an email letting us know that there is a specific reason for special accommodations. Family child care providers should provide us with this information themselves.





The assignments are automated, and you will receive immediate feedback, and opportunities to review the information and to change your responses.

The assignments are intended to help you learn the materials, and gain an understanding of the concepts covered in the training.

Successful completion of the training will require that you obtain 80% or better on all assignments.




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