Chapter 1 Menu Planning

Proper nutrition is needed for children's health, growth, and development. Behavior and learning ability is related to nutrition. Teaching children about nutrition will be an important responsibility for you as a child care professional.

Some studies suggest that young children who have learned healthful food choices may experience lifelong health benefits.  


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Assignment A

Tips and Ideas

Forum: Let's Share

How does your child care program handle allergies?

Assignment B

Food Safety Scenario

Participate in the discussion board.


Assignment C

Family Style Dining

Participate in the discussion board.







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Chapter 1: Menu Planning





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  1. Chapter 1 Assignment
  2. Forum Discussion Board Assignments:

                   A. Let's Share


       Discussion Board Assignments






Preventing Choking

Dishwashing Procedures

Food Handling Scenario

Food Safety Rules

Making Mealtime Meaningful for Children over 3

Making Mealtime Meaningful for Infants and Toddlers

Meal Planning Guide

Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Infants

My Centers Food Handling Meal Time Procedures 



Child Care Licensing Guidebook Resources


Food Allergy Statement

Child Care Emergency Plan for Food Allergic Reactions




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