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Parent Partnerships

Teacher/Parent Partnerships

When most people think about children in childcare, the people they think about are probably the children and the provider. Another central person in this setting, however, is the parent— sometimes several parents, grandparents, or other guardians.


Consistency and connection between those people and the childcare setting are very important. The parents or guardians and the childcare provider should understand each other. They should do similar things with the child and have similar goals.

The research on parent involvement indicates that parents and teachers can create viable partnerships by engaging in joint learning activities, supporting each other in their respective roles, carrying out classroom and school improvement activities, conducting collaborative curriculum projects in the classroom, participating together in various decision-making activities, and being advocates for children. Integral to these activities are the various parent and teacher roles and behaviors that make for successful partnerships.

Child care providers are a child's family away from home. Providers might be second only to the family in knowing a child well. Parents and providers together focus their efforts on how best to help children grow and mature into happy, healthy, youth and adults. The child is the center of the partnership's attention. Seeing important adults in their life working in harmony puts children at ease and can enhance a child's self-esteem.

A partnership between a child care provider and a parent is crucial. It will support the overall development of the child, and aid in the creation of a consistent and seamless daily routine. The best way for a provider to create a partnership with the parents is by building trust and being honest.


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